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Some of the praise I do have permission to quote.
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As always, all reviews found on any site are pure fiction!

I think mostly newbies ask the question, "Are your reviews for real?" If anything, my reviews are understated, rather than overstated. My incredible life has lead to a unique set of skills and experiences. My non-stop travel as a sex/BDSM/fetish educator means i have all sorts of encounters. The people I see have secrets. Some are shared with me, some are not. The ones they do share I will never disclose. To be sure there are a few who revel in letting others know what a great time they have. For them the review boards are an integral part of their kink. It adds to the excitement for them, but that does not mean they reveal everything. I will always keep the secrets of the incredible, private time we spend together. Not family, friends, nor this community shall ever know about that time. My desire to please and my need to improve people's lives are strong values. Those values alone are enough to keep me from breaking a confidence. So, if you want to know what happens for REAL, we will have to get together and find out.

I am grateful for all the stellar reviews and I certainly appreciate anyone taking the time to complete a review. It does make a difference.

My favorite review!

This actually was not a review. It was just a thank you note. But i love it and so i asked him if i could publish it. It was written by a person whom, before contacting me, was already a personal hero of mine, and i was super excited when he booked an overnight with me. The name has been changed and I have signed a NDA and will never share more than what i am sharing here, so please do not ask. Just know that it thrills me so much that he digs me as much as i dig him, considering our areas of expertise are so completely different. :-)

Hey love,

Just wanted to reach out and say Happy New Year, and I hope all is well in your world.

These holidays were depressing and difficult due to some tragic family matters ... but one thing that got me through them was cherishing the memory of meeting you. Getting to know you through your unguarded dialogue, learning how to touch your wonderfully-wired body, tasting that delicious pussy, feeling your silky bifurcated tongue slurp along my cock, and feeling myself sink balls-deep inside you.

You wouldn't know I'm a Dom from the way I gave myself over to you. You are sensual and amazing beyond compare. An oracle Goddess. The kind of carnal woman that once caused men to go to war.

You made last year wonderful. I want you again this year. Whenever you are in town, let me know, and let's play some more.



The HARD to find, ORGY review!

ORGY! Six Sexy Girls & Two Studs!

I was asked to write this. When i asked the gent why he wanted me to write it he said "I didn't see everything darlin'!" Although it is there, it is hard to find on TER, but if you do find it, the TER version has bits added by one of the gents.
I have the best and most reviews in TX on TER!

I also have reviews on Big Doggie. Here are links to two that are available there:
Danielle is not for the faint of heart. If you go to her web site you will see that she is very open to delivering what ever you need in a session. I booked her for overnight and didn't think I would make it out alive. She started out the session by...
Gents, what a wild ride! Danielle is a must see. We arranged a get together. She arrived in a dressed to kill, ready to tear it up manner. Meeting started out as general get to know you, etc. Very quickly we proceeded to...

Anonymous Quotes!

"You know what the best thing about you is? YOU!" - Spoken from the shower after a wonderful visit.
"Do you know what is wrong with you? Not a damn thing." - While cuddling.
"You are the most fascinating creature I have ever met." - Spoken by someone far more fascinating than me.
"So there is hope for an old geyser like me after all? I would love to have a girl like you love me." - In response to me telling him the age of my lover.
"Honey, if I die while [visiting] you I will die a happy man." - In response to my concern for his elevated heart-rate and respirations.
"You are amazing." "You are phenomenal." "You are exquisite." - Spoken by a very happy man at different intervals of our visit.
"Good Girl!" - Spoken by a wise man who learned very quickly just how to get my best from me.
"Thank you." - Short and sweet, but cherished words.
"OH MY GOD! What was that?? Shit! What a mess! It's wet everywhere! How do you do that??? Can you do it again??" - Spoken right after i soaked his couch...i did try to warn him.

Review Info

The following information is presented to assist you in writing a review... in case you got distracted.

Name: Danielle Squirts
Service: Independent Escort
City: Austin, Constant Traveler
State/Country: TX/United States
E-mail: danielle.lilly@gmail.com
Website: http://www.daniellesquirts.co
Telephone: (415) 326-4388
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125 lbs
Implants: No
Bust: 36 B
Waist: 24
Hips: 36
Hair Color: Brunette
Hair Length: Long
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Like a lingerie model...slender, long and curvy in all the right places.
Race: Caucasian

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