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I have done my best to provide an extensive amount of information on this site, as well as make it as easy as possible to see me. Though the site is big, all the most important info you need; my schedule, rates, contact info, terms of engagement, and booking form, are all located on the Rates/Schedule page. If you still don't have the information you are looking for, please contact me.

There are so many various questions asked about my special talent. What i would like to share in advance:
I squirt on purpose, not on accident. A lot of women who experience female ejaculation do not have control of when or how often they squirt. Some do it every time they cum. I have complete control. As long as i am hydrated, and with just the right stimulation, I can squirt quite quickly. With more arousal and intensity, the stream gets bigger. And for those of you that are tittering, no, its definitely not urine that I shoot. There are distinct differences in the smell and taste of the two fluids.
Are you available?
This is mostly here for comic relief. Unfortunately i am certain the persons asking this question will never read this...they didn't even read the ad where they found my number in the first place. Had they done so, they would have no need to ask this question because they would already know the ball is solidly in their court, and exactly how to volley it. In theory, of course, i am available. I don't maintain this site, posts, ads, tweets, etc because i am not available. However, i am NOT A PIZZA. And honestly, even to get a pizza you would need to provide a minimum amount of info, such as your location and exactly how much pizza you want...and how much sense does it make to call the pizza place up and ask them if a pizza is available???? The hours or operation are posted, and the process for how to get a pizza is clearly published. So is mine. It is equally as foolish and accomplishes nothing to ask me if I am available. That isn't even the question that needs answered. What the person asking really wants to know is whether or not I am willing to meet with them in particular (screening info), on a specific day, at a specific time, for a specific length of time, at a specific location (incall/outcall/certain part of town)T - conveniently, these are exactly the same questions put forth on my booking form. The shorter notice given the even more critical it is to get me the info i need as quickly as possible. Short notice is asking for MORE not less. The only escorts that do short notice because it is EASIER for them seriously never get out of bed and have no life. I have the most ambitiously adventurous life of anyone i know. My grand adventure of a life is exactly what has given me the unmatched skills and kinkysexual knowledge that make me exceptional in this industry. As a dedicated hedonist determined to be enjoying life at all times, I am super selective and will only make plans with someone if i can be truly excited and looking forward to the encounter. So the short answer to the question "Are you available?" is "Please submit a booking form".
When will you be visiting (insert location here)?
I post my travel schedule to the Rates/Schedule page and to my Yahoo group the moment my plans are confirmed, usually weeks ahead of posting ads. The group is fully moderated and voluntary. You will never get anything but travel posts and can take yourself out at anytime. You can count on my site and group to be accurate.

Truly, anything is possible and it is not at all difficult to make plans with me. In fact, all it takes to get me to just about any location is a confirmed and secured 2 hour or longer appointment, plus travel expenses. The farther in advance you plan, the more affordable the travel. If you live in a city where i can reasonably make a visit out of it, and plan far enough in advance, you don't even have to cover my expenses. It all starts with my super easy and discreet booking form.

I do not travel randomly. When i post a scheduled visit it is because i already have a reason to be visiting. I also am not a high volume provider, and rarely ever see more than one lover in a day. I do exactly what i want. I maintain constant advertising so that i can choose who i want to see, and as a result i have the absolute best people on the planet come spend time with me. Making plans with me makes you my priority and is absolutely the best way to be sure you get exactly when/where/what you want.
I see your schedule says you are visiting (Location A). (Location B) is near by, any possible way you could visit?
Anything is possible but i am going to need more information than that and the sooner i have it, the more likely i am to be able to accommodate. I do exactly what i want. My best advice is make me want it. Please submit a booking form.
Will you have toys? What do you bring with you?
I am an over achiever and quite the boy scout. I will have insertable toys for myself, supplies (condoms, gloves, lube, waterproof pads), water, digital aids, and accessories for your toys, such as harness, straps and ties. I do not provide insertables for other people as part of my safer sex practices. I also have a tremendous collection of BDSM toys, impact toys and other kinkier items and supplies available but be sure to let me know in advance that this is what you had in mind. I often have other items with me as well. It depends on where and how i am traveling. I will also likely have anything else you might need, like a comb or lint brush. Just ask.
Where is your incall?
My rate, business, and life are structured so that I can do whatever I want, including providing the best available hotel anywhere that is convenient. Even if I already have accommodations, I could still book new ones if the part of town I am in is not convenient for you. My best advice is to make me want it. Please submit a booking form.
I have a high profile career and discretion is a big concern. I am worried about submitting my private information but I would like to spend time with you. How can we proceed?
There are several ways in which people manage this. Often when celebrities or high profile sports figures, or important political figures contact me, they do not do so directly. They utilize either a legal pseudonym, or someone who works for them to complete the vetting info and they send a deposit in advance. Then when we meet, they confess the deceit and all is well. On occasion I have been asked is sign a NDA. I am happy to do this in person, but not in advance. They also often insist on hosting at their location, and i have experienced security precautions that included being lightly frisked. None of this is bothersome to me. I understand the need for discretion and security. I can perhaps appeal to your logic as well. It is actually extremely rare for a high end escort to ever publicly out her clients and even when it has happened it was more often an act of the legal system rather than an act on the part of the escort herself. The real concern lies not with the escort, but with the associates around you that know you are seeing an escort. In my opinion, the absolute MOST discreet way to go about it, is to keep absolutely everything between you and the escort and not involve any outside persons at all. You are safer giving your info to me than you are confessing to anyone at all that you are seeing an escort. I do not have and will never have an agenda to do damage or cause stress, whereas the people around you very well might, if not now, then at some point in the future.
I (insert random reason why you don't want to screen here), is there a way to still see you?
Yes. You can contact me for phone/cam sessions on NiteFlirt.
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But, I have a question of my own. Have you actually looked at my booking form? I have made it as simple as possible. There are 6 options. Perhaps it isn't as invasive as you think. Everyone that has seen me has been vetted, including individuals that surely do have every reason to be discreet. The only result any of them experienced was bliss. I am not in the least bit motivated to compromise because what i am doing is getting me exactly what i want. I could not possibly be happier with the gentlemen i spend my time with.
I have a particular fetish/request. Is it OK to ask you about it?
This is such a difficult topic. While i want to encourage you to explore as deeply into your sexual expression as possible, and i want you to know that i am a safe, knowledgable, and exceptionally talented woman to explore with, there is still a legal line we cannot cross. While is is perfectly OK for you to put in an email or booking form what it is you are interested in, what you like, or what you have done before, it is, unfortunately, still not OK for you to ask me in email or on the phone to agree or not agree to any particular activity in advance. If you do ask me I am forced to remind you that i am paid for my time and companionship only and anything else is between consenting adults. With me, and possibly with other girls, it is safe to assume that i will only set the appointment if i am very sure we will both leave blissful. In addition, while i do understand that your average adult companion has little experience in the areas of kink, fetish, and BDSM, it is a bit exhausting for me to get these questions. It is well documented that I actually teach classes all over the nation at fetish and kink events. I feel quite safe in stating that we are going to reach your limits before we reach mine. I am also strongly of the opinion that if you really want something done right, it is unreasonable to expect it of a stranger. I would suggest that scheduling with me and allowing us to discuss/practice/plan in person, where everything is discreetly and intimately kept between us, is a better strategy. If your budget or personality is such that you feel a compelling need to have your questions answered explicitly you can always contact me on Call Button, where conversely, we cannot talk about meeting realtime, but we can talk about anything that falls under 'fantasy', so you can test my knowledge.
I am (insert ethnicity/culture/color/religion here). Will you see me?
I don't know. But if i don't see you, that will not be the reason. :-) To find out if i will see you, i will need a bit more info. Please complete the booking form on my site and i will get right back to you. You will notice that your color/ethnicity/culture/religion is not one of the questions.
I am handicapped, in a wheelchair, or suffer from a non-contagious condition such as Parkinson's or Cerebral Palsy. Will you see me?
YES! I do wish there were reviews so i would not have to toot my own horn here, But, put simply, I am extremely handicap accessible :-). I am strong, sweet, and tuned in to the likely changes in function and erogenous zones. And no, it doesn't turn me off in the least. Come find out for yourself.
Are you available on Holidays?
I AM ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO SCHEDULE ON HOLIDAYS! When i first started escorting i remember thinking it was so odd the gents would give me their ethnicity. When i asked about this what i was told is that a lot of girls will not see non-Caucasian gentlemen. This, to me is absurd. I will never turn down the company of a cultured gentleman because of his color, beliefs, or culture. As a result of being open to these men and spending time with them i learned that holidays can be difficult sometimes because friends and associates are busy, but since it is not a holiday they celebrate, they are alone. For that reason, i made the decision to always make myself available for scheduling on the holidays. And Caucasian fellows, by all means you are not left out. If you do not celebrate or find yourself separated from family on the holidays, rest assured you can contact me and i will be happy to be your holiday celebration.
Do you offer half hour appointments or special arrangements?
I will not discuss any sort of appointment that isn't already published on my site with someone i have not met before, and even with those i have met i prefer to make any sort of special arrangements face to face for discretion. I do always prefer and recommend two hours in a typically private setting - your place or mine - for a first time encounter. There is a ton of fun to be had for two strangers and i am not like anyone you have ever met before...it is nice to be able to take advantage of what makes me different - and i don't just mean my fountainous orgasms. I also offer 90 min. My suggestion to those with a preference for quickies or special arrangements outside the typically private setting is to book our first encounter for an hour or more in private as suggested, which will allow us to discuss and make any agreement or arrangement we want once we are together. I am at a complete disadvantage having not met you but i have no doubt in my ability to find our mutual pleasure point once i have.
How do I make a deposit or pay in advance?
I can easily process a payment in advance using the secure servers on the site where i sell tickets to my events. It is easy and discreet. Just ask me for instructions.
Will you marry me?
This is actually a fairly frequently asked question and i would sincerely appreciate if it were not. I know that this tongue-in-cheek question is intended to be flattering, but it isn't. So, unless you really do intend to marry me, please do not ask. Thank you. Instead, tell me what you are actually feeling. I love shameless displays of adoration and affection. :-)
How can I help promote your site? I think it's incredible!
Here are banners! Thank you!

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