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 ~  Once-in-a-lifetime experiences are my specialty - with or without a resort destination!

KINKYSEXUAL IN CABO 6 - BISBEE! Oct 16 - 23, 2016
is bound to be the best one yet, with a whole year to plan!
Reserve your Master Suite now!

Check out the YouTube video and scroll down for more details and highlights!

Please plan ahead to reserve your Master Suite!

Chaturbate Parties!
Register NOW to join us LIVE ON-SITE!

CHATURBATE PARTY #64 - San Francisco Jan 2
CHATURBATE PARTY #65 - Seattle! Jan 7
CHATURBATE PARTY #66 - Houston Jan 24
Chaturbate Party #60ish - San Francisco! Mar 27!

Can't make the party in person? Watch for Free on Chaturbate!

You can also watch for FREE directly from DanielleSquirts.co but you will not be able to interact in the chat room. To chat and tip us you must log in on Chaturbate

Registration only $50!
VIP Admission is $400
Advance Registration Required through Eventbrite.

Maximum 2 VIP guests per party!

VIP Guests enjoy all the same same privileges as booking a private appointment,
including Behind Closed Doors time with me!
You can choose to pay in full or send a $100 deposit through Eventbrite
and pay the balance of $300 in cash upon arrival.

THESE PARTIES ARE LOCK-IN STYLE! This means you must arrive on time and cannot depart early without prior arrangement with Danielle. The location is only disclosed to attendees after registration.

Attendees and Performers welcome!
Can't make the party? Watch for FREE online!

What is a Chaturbate Party?
It is like being on the set of a live porn shoot wrapped in a kinkysexual party! Some of us will be performing LIVE for an online audience of thousands on Chaturbate!

You are invited to JOIN us LIVE ON-SITE and be our in house audience, or join the performance!

You are not required to perform to attend this event.
You are welcome to watch and get kinkysexual off camera too.
We love voyeurs, fluffers, cuckolds, and helpers too.

Tapas and Water provided.
Safer sex supplies provided, but we encourage you to bring your own toys and supplies as well.
Bring your own beverage.
Party gifts and favors encouraged!!

Pro Model or Sex Worker?
DOOR FEE WAIVED and FREE CONTENT in trade for your performance.
Stills and video! I even do the post production.
Want to get paid? Contact Danielle to find out how. 415-326-4388




To appear on CAM even in disguise, or masked, or showing only part of your body. Please bring a state issued ID or passport.** Failing to do so will disqualify you from performing and your door fee will not be reimbursed - but you can still watch and party with the rest of the voyeurs!

We will respect yours and we anticipate you will respect ours. A short group/gang-bang safer sex lesson is presented at the beginning of each party and is required.

I am the very definition of pan-sexual.

Provided you are willing to intimately interact with me, Danielle Squirts, directly in whatever ways we mutually agree to, within close proximity, possibly touching, of others of any gender that are interacting with me as well. How you choose to interact with anyone besides me is completely up to you and that person.

Not necessarily cookie cutter sexy, but definitely photogenic, camera friendly. Please visit [Chaturbate.com][http://chaturbate.com] and check out what all the peeps on the site look like.

Both in how they look, and how they perform.

For those with female parts: Hair or no hair, please be clean and neatly kept and be able to cum fairly easily from either stimulating yourself or being stimulated by someone else, preferably in a variety of ways. We adore shameless, greedy sluts! Squirters, Size Queens, and Ass Whores too! Oral skills and ass play are also a plus but the most important thing on Chaturbate is that you are enjoying yourself and having orgasms!

For those with male parts: I am not referring specifically to size, but also to stamina, and general cooperativeness during an extended sexual encounter. In other words, you have to be able to get hard and stay hard fairly easily, and control yourself/not climax until desired. The hardest part is the extended tease of stimulation without final satisfaction...but then when it does finally come, the reward of release is infinitely more intense. Oral skills and backdoor play options are definitely a plus, but on Chaturbate, the most important thing is your erection.

Respectful and clear about your own boundaries as well.


What is the password?

The room is password protected for several hours before each broadcast so that the promotional links work correctly. No password is required to watch the broadcast once we are LIVE.

Is masturbation/sex allowed off camera?

YES! We encourage any Risk Aware Consensual Kink, including sex and self stimulation.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

You must be 18 to attend.

You must submit an age verification and model release directly to Chaturbate in order to perform on CAM. This requires you to have a state issued ID or passport with you the first time you perform.

Are STI test results required?

We do not require STI test results. We practice safer sex at all times and we do not allow fluid exchange except between fluid bound partners. However, in my experience, providing clean test results, especially with online access, is helpful when negotiating stranger sex.

How many people attend and what is the gender ratio?

To date I have hosted just over 50 Chaturbate Parties in Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Burleson, Dallas, DC, Frederick, Houston, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, New Orleans, NYC and Philadelphia.

On average the attendance has been between 4 and 12 people, with approximately 75% performing and 25% watching/playing off CAM. I intentionally limit attendance based on the venue size so that everyone is able to be actively involved and have a good view of the performance. It is not a hook up party. If you want to be SURE you have a sexual encounter you should either plan on performing or bring a partner with you.

Historically my inability to answer this question any more specifically until the party actually starts is one of the reasons I am now requiring 5 registered guests before making travel plans and booking accommodations. If there are not 5 guests registered by the END SALE date the party will be rescheduled.  Those who are registered will be allowed to register an additional guest at no charge for the newly scheduled party. I DO NOT ISSUE REFUNDS. If you have participated in a Chaturbate Party in the past, i will make an exception and issue you a refund if you cannot attend the newly scheduled party. This is to do the overwhelming number of people who purchase tickets and then do not attend.

As far as genders, it really is not an appropriate question and you are not welcome to attend if you have any issue with being in the same intimate setting with any gender, male, female, or any other.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

We encourage you to bring your own safer sex supplies, toys, snacks, beverages and party favors.

You may not bring an additional person to this event unless they have purchased a Plus One ticket. Up to 5 Plus One tickets can be purchase for each Admission  or Early Admission ticket for only $10 each. Separately or together. The purchasers are required to provide the email address given to purchase the original Admission ticket and their own contact info so we can be sure everyone is fully informed as to the nature of the event. Showing up to this event with an unregistered guest is non consensual and you will not be welcomed in or back.

I have registered for the event. When will I receive the location?

You will not receive the location for this event until the day of and even then it may only be the closest transit or coffee shop where someone will meet you and bring you the rest of the way. We do everything we can to be sure that only those attending know the location to protect our performers. Absolutely no one is allowed entrance that is not registered. To be clear, this is a lock-in event. If you purchase a ticket you are expected to arrive on time and not to depart early unless you have made prior arrangements with the event organizer, Danielle Squirts.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

This is not data I am able to provide in advance due to the need to keep the location discreet. See q&a above. When we can, we will provide this information with the location information and if you still need help you can call Danielle.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?


(415) 326-4388


Oct 16 - 23, 2016

Check out the YouTube video!

Please plan ahead to reserve your Master Suite!

KINKYSEXUAL IN CABO 5 - BISBEE! Oct 18 - 25, 2015 was perfection with only 5 months of planning!

KINKYSEXUAL IN CABO 4! DANIELLE's BIRTHDAY! Jan 17 - 23, 2015 came together at the very last minute and ended up rocking out!

Kinkysexual in CABO 3 - Spring Break! April 1 - 8, 2014 could not have been better!

Kinkysexual in CABO - Double Tap! Dec 8 - 16, 2013 was our second trip, following the first one by only 2 months...we just could not wait to get back!

Kinkysexual in CABO! Oct 20 - 27, 2013 was a huge success and the beginning of what has now been years of amazing adventures!

What would you give to have the most extraordinary adventure of your life with the most experienced and the most insatiable kinkysexual hostesses in the world in a luxury private villa with total freedom to be nude and sexual anywhere on the property, inside or out?

I have created a unique luxury vacation for kinkysexual polyamorous adventurous types! We are treated like Rockstars residing in our private villa for the week, free to have whatever adventures we please of the kinkysexual or tourist variety. Imagine taking morning coffee, soaking naked in our private Jacuzzi, watching the sunrise, followed by breakfast at any of the over 20 restaurants included in the food and bev package, each just a short walk from, if not directly on the beach. You might choose to spend the day on the beach, or on the nude beach having exhibitionist sex, or shopping in town, or out on a boat excursion to scuba dive, or fish, or take a tour, or just make out the whole time. You could decide to rent jet skis (harder to make out on, but will take you to some private places!) but no matter what you decide to do while away from the villa, it will still be there when you return, ready for intimate encounters in the private jacuzzi, or cuddle piles in the amazing California kings, or washing each other in the giant stoned in showers big enough for 4 or more. Then there the option of having a private chef, or heading out dressed to the nines for a succulent dinner, raunchy sex on the private pool deck, or intimate moonlit walks on the beach that lead to skinny dipping and ocean sex! The choices are endless and each of the 5 previous trips were unique, once in a lifetime adventures for everyone involved. I do wish there were more pix and video, but unfortunately the majority of people attending a trip like this are not comfortable appearing on cam. The ones who do though...well they are all smokin hot! So enjoy what footage we do have and then sort all the reasons you can think of to not indulge in this incredible opportunity, and balance it against this: Nothing extraordinary will ever happen to you while you are safely inside your comfort zone.



ALL INCLUSIVE - like you have never experienced before!
Included in your registration rate:

Your 5-star accommodations in a Master Suite in our private residence with a view of the ocean and direct access to our private pool deck. Private Pool, Private Jacuzzi! In this context, private = naked.

Your Food and Beverage/Adult Beverage at over 20 locations including all pool bars at at total of 4 resorts, restaurants and buffets at all 4 resorts, and Suite service (with a $5 delivery fee.)

Private transportation to and from the airport that will accommodate any stops you wish to make along the way including Sam's Club, Costco, Walmart and other grocers.

Free transportation around and to and from the 4 resorts. From Suite to Pool/beach/spa/restaurant and reverse, or from one resort to the other.

The opportunity to be rigged and/or photographed in the most beautiful back drop by the official event riggers and photographers.

This is not a hotel. You cannot make reservations. You can only stay at this resort if you are an Owner, a guest of an Owner, or renting from an Owner. The average rate to reserve these accommodations, not including any of the above, is $3000/week. I have worked my magic to make this as affordable as possible because i want as many people as possible in Cabo having kinkysexual adventures with and me!

We have arranged a beautiful Owners Unit with multiple Master Suites, our own private pool and Jacuzzi decks, kitchen, every amenity of home, but with a view of the ocean and direct access to our private deck from every room!

This will be our 6th Kinkysexual in Cabo excursion and we still haven't managed to visit all the pools. There is also an amazing expanse of beach, all with a view of the sunrise and sunset since we are at the end of a peninsula facing due south. We can also visit the nude beach for a $6 water taxi ride.

Swimming, surfing, paddle boards, jet skis, para-sailing, glass bottom boat tours, whale watching, scuba diving, shopping, dining, dancing, wold class golfing and fishing and so many more activities available to us if we stop having kinky sex long enough to go do them.

The resort is also home to the most extravagant Jack Nicklaus golf course to date worldwide, with 10 ocean front holes, and an ocean view from all 18!

In addition to this, the all inclusive package allows access to a total of 4 resorts! All their pools, activities, food and beverage!

Do to the nature of the agreements House dv8 has with the property owners which allow us to host events at amazing resort destinations, we have a strictly enforced ZERO REFUNDS ZERO CANCELLATION POLICY. If you make a full or partial payment and are unable to attend or need to change you plans, you will NOT be issued a refund under any circumstances.


There is no talking about money.

We do not allow monogamy. :-)

I hosted a Group Sex Chaturbate Event!
Central Park South, Jul 8, 8pm or later.

You were invited to join me and several of my sexy partners for an all night Show!

We started the broadcast at 9pm on Jul 8 and went until the last man standing gave us his money shot, around 3am! Thousands watched for Free on Chaturbate!

Several chose to join us LIVE in NYC for my ONE HOUR RATE!
Screening and advance deposit were required.

I will be hosting more events like this in the future!

If you think you would like to join us, please note:
You cannot appear on camera unless you submit and age verification and model release, so you will need to bring an official ID, if you want to be on cam.
Voyeurs and helpers for off camera fun also welcome!

You can also watch for FREE directly from DanielleSquirts.co but you will not be able to interact in the chat room. To interact and tip us you must log in on Chaturbate

Kinkysexual in CABO 3 - Spring Break! April 1 - 8, 2014 SOLD OUT!

This was our third trip to Cabo and it just keeps getting better!
We worked out a nice package, and Whale watching, RV rides, and snorkeling excursions were all free for those who chose to participate!
We had our own private garden of magic. We drank straight from fresh coconut cut from the tree with a machete by our eager gardeners...they really loved gardening with us all week because we were always naked and almost always fucking on the deck.
Clover and I got up to our usual and seduced a beautiful local back to our villa. He wasn't willing to show his face, but he let us hood him and take video...oh yeah. You have to ask to see it though. :-)
Pix and video of us playing in the surf...but soon the play became a 4-some on a secluded beach.
We found a water taxi that let us get naked and take pix and video!

Superbowl Sunday, 2014

Lock-in 6-11pm. Game starts 6:30pm
My midtown suite with me and my hot girlfriends!
Price of admission = my NYC 1 hour rate!
No late arrivals. No early departures. No first timers, meaning you must have seen me before.

Kinkysexual in CABO - Double Tap! Dec 8 - 16 SOLD OUT!

For our second adventure to Cabo in 2013 we were in the lap of luxury at the beautiful Montecristo Estates!

Clover and I seduced two tall, handsome, young brothers from Ohio back to our villa only to discover that they were also well hung, and with amazing stamina. I have never experienced sibling rivalry in quite that way before! Amazing! and a first, even for me!
Since we can be naked at the residence all the time, that is where we spent the majority of our time - naked and fucking on our private pool deck.
We went on an almost unbelievable adventure with a sketchy local...you will have to ask us for the details.
The gentlemen decided to charter a boat for a night...and not one of them really had the right amount of experience. Hilarious!
The gardener really liked me...so i convinced him to take me up on my own rooftop. Pix and video soon!
We had the most romantic evening you can imagine dining and sleeping out on canopy suspension beds right on the beach!
Clover and I separated from the pack and did an entire day of recon. We have all the insider info on shopping, dining, dancing and more for future trips!

Kinkysexual in CABO! Oct 20 - 27 was a huge success!

Check out the footage! Every single shot came straight from our devices!

UPDATE OCT 28 - WE JUST GOT BACK! WHAT AN AMAZING ADVENTURE!!! There are so many pix and even more video...i will have some posted as quickly as possible!
Some of the highlights of our adventure:
Some people stay in poolside rooms - We upgrade to the Owners Suite, host a naked party on the roof, and have the resort buzzing with gossip by the end of our first day!
Some people para-sail - we masturbate, orgasm and squirt all over the cove while para-sailing!
Some people go clubbing - we go clubbing without panties and see how many times we can make each other cum on the dance floor!
Some people lay out poolside - we have 4-somes on our private rooftop pool deck.
Some people have summer flings - we seduce beautiful blonde Sunday school teachers into getting naked, learning how to squirt, and having lesbian sex for the first time.
Some people watch the weigh-in at the Bisbee Tournament - i strut the pier in 6 inch heels, get dubbed the "QUEEN of BISBEE" by the locals, and end up leading the parade of people transporting the largest fish of the Bisbee tournament down the boardwalk for everyone to see and film! 774 lbs!
Some people dine - we have lobster at sunset on our private rooftop patio with naked attendees making sure everything is perfect.

UPDATE Oct 15 - We filled 5 pool side rooms at double occupancy. 6 girls, 3 gents, and one stunning TS all fly out tomorrow for a week of sun, sex, and kink!
I will post pix and highlights when we return!

Aug 20 - I have a handful of poolside rooms at the beautiful Pueblo Bonito Rose where i am hosting a week long kinkysexual gathering for all my sexy friends! You can join us for the AMAZING all inclusive rate of $2500! Not including airfare but - YES, INCLUDING PLAYTIME with me and/or my partners! A WEEK IN CABO for less than an overnight with me in any given city! Please get in touch as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

I suggest booking airfare right away.

The resort is hosting the Bisbee's Black and Blue Fishing Tournament that same week so flights are filling up fast.
This event draws an unbelievable number of young, beautiful girls to the resort as well!

Rooms are double occupancy (up to four if you like), so invite a friend!

In addition to Cabo, dv8 events now has venues in NYC, Houston and Austin. Watch for many more special events in the near future!

 !   Pix

Click image to see it larger in a new window.
Bass Pro-Spfld, MO wild_on
boardwalk rail
in the window
prowling at the pool
strutting at Armand
Galveston Beach
waiting on leash
nipple bit
black dress
Elpaso fountain

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